Brooklyn born Marcus Suarez has been an accomplished artist for over twenty years. Educated at the High School of Art and Design the most prominent high school for art in the country at the time, and was offered a full scholarship to the New York Academy of Art based solely on his amateur drawings of live nude models. Marcus chose to perfect his craft by executing commissions for various clients to earn an income instead of four more years of school. To quote, "life is the best professor money can't buy." His career basically started by air brushing t-shirts and painting jeans and jackets at various flea markets and retail venues around the city when he was offered his first mural commission at a night club in New York which then became his calling for many years to come. By strictly word of mouth, Marcus's murals began appearing in New York's most popular night clubs, The Tunnel, Danceteria, Spo-Dee-O-Dee just to name a few.

His range of style is amazingly eclectic, encompassing everything from graffiti to classical, contemporary to futuristic. 

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