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Located in Wynwood District, the core of urban Miami, Graffiti Gardens is the newly developed open-air & formal gallery site that features murals from some of today’s most revered graffiti, street, and urban art talents.

The engaging space brings together the community in a way that involves art, the urban landscape and the natural environment. Foods, vendors and activities come together to breathe life into the beautiful walls of Graffiti Gardens.






Graffiti Gardens vs. Underground Garage

When demolition began at 101 NW 36 street, the planned concept was an under and overground structure that would provide parking for the five story retail building that is being developed across the street. However, upon seeing the skeleton of the building sans rooftop the proprietor had a vision that he felt would bring value to the community.

Within three quick months a determined crew, the talents of over 25 world renown artists and a whole lot of spray paint, the once almost building garage bloomed into Graffiti Gardens. Anchored by the newly reopened EVLworld gallery, Graffiti Gardens aims to become a cultural hub marketing urban arts, food, fashion and local talents on its grounds and in its continually changing container park.





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