Welcome to Graffiti Gardens

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According to Oxford Dictionaries, "Art is defined as the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power". 

The above mentioned definition is great, but it doesn’t do us, justice. Not Miami, not Wynwood, and certainly not Graffiti Gardens. Art is the foundation to all things Graffiti Gardens... without art there would be no gardens. When demolition began at 101 NW 36TH ST, the planned concept was an under and overground parking garage for the five story retail building nearby. But Art runs deep with Graffiti Gardens founder, and upon seeing the skeleton of the building, the proprietor had a vision he felt would bring more value to the community. Within 3 quick months, a determined crew, the talents of over 25 reknown artists and a whole lot of spray paint-Graffiti Gardens came to life. Art is more than just a pass time or entertainment, it tells a story. We live, eat and breathe it. It’s not only part of who we are as a person, but also a part of our culture and our community. It’s the only way we feel we can express ourselves when words aren’t enough. It’s our voice towards those who refuse to listen.

Anchored by the newly reopened EVLworld gallery, Graffiti Gardens aims to become a cultural hub showcasing urban arts, food, fashion and local talents on its grounds and in its continually changing container park. We felt there was a need to provide local artists, that have been moved out of Wynwood, a new home where they could continue to tell their story through art.

So, we welcome you all to walk in and look past the canvas, through the spray paint and take a deep look into each piece displayed at our venue. Look at it as a whole and then get into the details. Trace the lines and follow every curve. Take in the bright colors and muted dark tones. Allow yourself to be enveloped in what the artist felt as they created their piece. Let yourself capture of their world, here at Graffiti Gardens.