Wilfredo “Bio” Feliciano born April 20th, 1966 in New York started his artistic career in the early eighties at the height of the New York City subway graffiti movement. He is also a founding member of the world famous art collective known as Tats Cru “The Mural Kings” originally known as TAT Cru founded by Brim, Mack and Bio in the eighties.

Tats Cru continues to be a major force in the advancement of graffiti art both commercially and artistically. Tats Cru’s current active members are Hector “Nicer” Nazario, and Sotero “Bg183” Ortiz.

Wilfredo “Bio” Feliciano’s work has been featured in many publications, movies, music videos and documentaries throughout his career. He has also painted in numerous countries over the past 30 years, invited by different organizations. Bio has collaborated with many of the top graffiti artists in the world from past to present day. He has also lectured at M.I.T. and various universities in the United States. Bio was also part of the Smithsonian Institute’s 35th folklore festival in Washington D.C. where Tats Cru was chosen to represent New York City muralists at the festival.


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