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EVLworld returns to Wynwood in grand fashion! Introducing Graffiti Gardens,
a new creative joint hosting music, culture and especially art premiering “Live From NY!”
a collection of murals by acclaimed NY based talent and friends.

Graffiti Gardens Mural

Grand Opening

December 8-10th, Graffiti Gardens is set to bloom for the Art Basel 2017 season! Located in the Miami Wynwood District, Florida. The newly developed open-air & formal gallery site features work of mural walls from some of today’s most revered graffiti, street, and urban art talents.


The premiere line-up features walls painted, by:

Crash One // Cey Adams // Bio TATs Cru // Queen Andrea //

Mark Bode // Dash FC // Alice Mizrachi // Ree FBA // Chino BYI //

JPuma // Sero // Ence // Nick Walker // Steph Burr // Mist // Trap

Visit Graffiti Gardens, where you’ll be able to view live painting every day starting at noon. Stop by the newly reopened EVLworld Gallery on the premises, featuring a pop-up shop and an exhibition of paintings by acclaimed painter Erni Vales.

Curated by Carlos “Mare139” Mare and Erni Vales.

Paint sponsored by Kobra Paints


Graffiti Gardens Mural

Meet the Artists

Our Food Selection

Full bar! Food trucks TBD. What can go wrong?

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